Protégé to Pro

Fortune 500 Sales Executive, Small Business Expert, and Franchise Owner, Brittany Willis, MBA invites listeners in each week as she recounts personal lessons and challenges she’s encountered as a corporate professional and entrepreneur that serve as the foundation for expert guidance and coaching on topics ranging from career guidance, entrepreneurship, professional development, leadership, small business management, franchise ownership, and more!

Known for her charisma, relatability, and transparent tell-it-like-it-is nature, Brittany has no shortage of stories and relatable experiences to share for professionals looking to advance in their careers, open businesses on the side, or succeed as full-time entrepreneurs.

At the end of each episode, the Protégé to Pro podcast’s “Cracks of Gold” segment will inspire and empower listeners to move with gratitude and grace as they advance in their careers and businesses despite the chaos, disappointments, and frustrations life may bring our way.