Bites & Tidbits

Bites and Tidbits (Sunday Bites & Tidbits) launched in May 2020. Chef Babette, who is on the other side of 70, is the co-owner of the popular vegan restaurant in Inglewood, California, STUFF I EAT. She is a Celebrity Chef, who has appeared on shows such as STEVE HARVEY, THE CHEW, HOLLYWOOD ACCESS, and more. She is also a social media influencer, and fitness enthusiast. Terrah Bennett Smith, is a mother, actress, producer, director, writer, whose credits span from Broadway, television, film to music. She stars in the upcoming series, THE WRIGHT TURN, and has recurred on several television network shows, such as BOSCH, STUCK WITH YOU, AND GAMES PEOPLE PLAY. She is also the founder of RECLAIM HAVEN, a mind, body, and spirit haven for those who feel stuck and in need of a change. Together they Co-host Bites & Tidbits, a show that brings you information on how to change your life inside and out. From holistic doctors, Juice Guru’s, delicious vegan meals, and more, invited guests share tidbits to help you make the overall change you have been wanting. 



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